Suitable for all ages from 16 months

Wakodo 3 Kinds of Biscuits & Cookies is a box containing an assortment of cookies and biscuits for toddlers. Three exciting flavors to try. Consomme Flavored Biscuits with Spinach are biscuits with a slight sweetness, featuring the flavor of spinach and delicious consommé soup. Cocoa Flavored Cookies with Soybean Milk are slightly sweet melt-in-the mouth cookies baked with soy milk and light cocoa flavor. Carrot and Pumpkin Biscuits are biscuits featuring the delicate sweetness of carrot and pumpkin.

  • No artificial flavours, colouring, preservatives used
  • Porous cracker makes it easy for toddler to swallow
  • Shape is perfect for eating, grasping
  • Dissolves in mouth 
  • Contains DHA, calcium and iron required for child growth 
  • Individually packed - great for food portioning and control, convenient for going out 

Each Pack contains 

  • Consomme Flavored Biscuits with Spinach 10g x 3 pack
  • Cocoa Flavored Cookies with Soybean Milk 2 piece x 3 pack
  • Carrot and Pumpkin Biscuits 11.5g x 3 pack


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Wakodo Mixed Flavour DHA Biscuits

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